Historical Earthquakes for the Philippines

Earthquakes recorded in the Philippines, sourced from PHIVOLCS data, can be retrieved and analyzed by selecting Annual records, Months, and Epicenter dates. The mission is to enhance situational awareness, especially for Hazard Assessment. This involves checking annually for the most active year(s) of earthquakes, identifying areas highly prone to ground shaking, and pinpointing locations close to faultlines.

To check, you must select years and months from the pull-down menu on the page. By choosing specific dates, the epicenters will automatically plot on the map. In the historical Earthquake section, data for all loaded years can be stacked and viewed. This allows you to observe earthquakes for each year and, upon zooming in or out, the system automatically calculates the number of earthquakes based on magnitude intensity (started from magnitude 2.0 since magnitude 1.0 and between intensities are considered for me as silent ground shaking, so I filtered out them away from the map). You can clear the data by pressing the "Reset Data" button next to the year/month selection.
Annual Historical Earthquakes in the Philippines data provided by: PHIVOLCS