My own seismometer GBSR-AS1 exact helicorder updates every 5 mins in REALTIME monitoring. at 50 second High Gain


50 Second HIGH GAIN (Teleseismic) Check UTC to PH time here and Tsunami Warnings


MY LATEST Quake Captured and calculated from my SEISMOMETER

Data Plot: Each horizontal line is an hour in UT (Universal Time) and PST (Philippine Standard Time +8 hr) with the past 24 hours stacked, and quake intensity is plotted on the vertical axis.

Sensor Orientation: I used to orient my sensor already in Z-AXIS to equate the exact velocity in my sensor's place, but sometimes I change the focus of the helicorder if theres unecessary noise coming tremendously to prevent the mess in my helicorder's submission to anyone that changes between 50 sec to 0.25 second period, between them I can view the velocity clearly without changing the intensity of quakes that responds.

Time: UT is sychronized to web time servers within milliseconds by the free About Time PC software and PHILIPPINE Time is a Universal Time of + 8 hrs ahead of Universal Time.
Technical Specifications: 16 bit ADC PSN SERIAL Version III and 7 pole Bessel LP filter/Amplifier, low-noise amplifier, 0.016 to 10 Hz butterworth filter.
Sensitivity: The GBSR-AS1 is a Lehman type Seismometer I designed and modified from others who designed different kinds of fine and responsive amplifier electronics generally can detect a magnitude 6 or more quakes or greater worldwide, and magnitude 3 quakes or greater across the PHILIPPINES, but it can be detect magnitudes lower than 3 only within the 150 KM radius range depending to its shallow and the amount of energy released from it's center and most probably in the Philippines has a separated lands from Luzon to Mindanao, so most probably 3.5 to 4.0 MG quakes cannot be easily arrive in my station when the event occured from south specially in Mindanao because seismic waves cannot be easily TRAVEL in water so only a higher intensity can be possible catch up in my station so when theres an event in Mindanao and only MG 4, it cannot be easily reached in Luzon in which my seismometer is located.

as their new link sources for monitoring Earthquakes worldwide, thanks to and so this is the link where my Seismometer is linked to them and Im only the one in the philippines who they're recognizes my helicorder, thanks so much.

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